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Reasons to nominate Fetcher Dog as your 'Charity of the Year'


Nominating Fetcher Dog as your company's charity of the year is a unique opportunity to support a good cause whilst building your team through a number of kind and supportive acts.

Here are some reasons to nominate Fetcher Dog for your Charity of the Year':

- A small family run, experienced and successful dog charity.

- A charity dedicated to alleviate the suffering of street dogs.

- The staff and volunteers at Fetcher Dog work tirelessly to support dogs that have had a tough start in life with a view to finding them loving and supportive forever homes.

Reasons for companies to support charities:

- Supporting a charity can be fun and is always rewarding for the individual and vital for the charity and their commitments and aims.

- Your company will be making a huge positive difference to the lives of street dogs whilst setting a positive example for other companies to follow.

- Helping beings that need help and support facilitates a feeling of well being for the individuals and the company as a whole. Be unselfishly selfish!!

An added bonus of charitable donations is they’re tax free for individuals when you donate through Gift Aid, directly through your payroll or pension, or through Payroll Giving. This means, depending on how you give, you can claim back the tax on any donations you make or you won’t pay income tax on them in the first place - helping you save through giving.

Ways your company can support Fetcher Dog:

- Fundraising events by individuals or groups such as marathons, bike rides, coffee mornings, jumble sales, bungee jumping almost any ideas that are fun and raise money for the charity.

- Sharing news and events on your social media channels.

- Donating your workforce's services free of charge to support the day to day operations of the charity. Examples include IT, plumbing, mechanics, administration duties, marketing, the list again is endless.

- Run company paid volunteering days that allow employees to work at the centre for 1- 4 days per year which supports the charity and facilitate positive team building. 

- Sponsor a dog

- Sponsor a member of staff that works at the rescue centre

- Include Fetcher Dog on your website as a partner

 What Fetcher Dog will do for you:

  • We’ll provide a dedicated account manager to work with you, helping you to plan a programme and come up with ideas, and who will provide all the support you need throughout the year
  • You’ll be invited to visit the rescue centre in Kent for yourself, get to know our senior staff, and participate in events that we run
  • We’ll support you throughout the year with social media publicity: press releases, our own social media and sharing your social media stories and posts
  • Recognise your involvement with us on our website

If you are interested in nominating Fetcher Dog as your 'Charity of the Year' please contact Paul at

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