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One of the Fetcher Dog residents, Clove, is having puppies!!


Clove recently travelled from Bosnia to the rescue centre in Kent and soon started to show signs she was pregnant which was confirmed by our local vets last week.

It is a first for us as we do everything we can to prevent this 'natural process' from occurring, yet here we are and her puppies are due to be born in just over a week.

The vets confirmed that Clove and her babies are healthy which is very positive news even though were are apprehensive, we are also excited as Fetcher Dog have not experienced this before. She seems to be taking it in her stride, which is great.

Clove was rescued from the streets of Bosnia with her brother and sister, Bramble and Briar. They had been abandoned at the side of a road in an outlying village in Bosnia.

We will keep you informed and update you across our social media channels @fetcherdog or on our news page on our website - News – Fetcher Dog 

Congratulations Sweetie!!


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