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Our Fetcher Dog Newbies visit the vets for their health check-ups!!


Our newbies have all been for their health checks today after arriving to us from the pound earlier this week.

Our Yorkie boy Stitch is only 2.9kg and according to the vet should be around 5kg so he definitely needs to put on weight. He has very rotten teeth and needs a lot of teeth taken out which is the cause of his VERY bad breath. Once he has put on enough weight he will be neutered and can have his teeth taken out at the same time.

The vet estimated that he is eight years old. The vet said he was completely healthy otherwise.


Our older female Frenchie Lorelai has a sample taken of her lump which the vet will analyse and feedback with the results. We have to bathe her skin in hibiscus twice a day as it’s sore and she has a few infections which she has probably had for a long time. She is slightly underweight but this isn’t too much of a worry. The vet estimated that Lorelai is 6 years old. Everything else was fine!

Rory was more or less healthy with only a few little bumps from a potential allergy and the vets estimated that she is 3 years old.

They will all be going back to the vets in a few weeks time to be spayed/neutered and to have any work done that they need.

 I will keep everyone updated on their progress

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