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Our new addition to the Fetcher Dog Rescue Centre - Sammy


Sammy was given just a few days to live from a dog pound in the UK. No one stepped forward and claimed him and there wasn't anyone who wanted to adopt him.

Fetcher Dog cannot stand by and allow dogs to be euthanised, so when there is space at the rescue centre we will gladly accept all dogs.



Sammy is a real sweetie, who apparently loves water and got a fantastic bath at the same time.

Sammy needs to vaccinated, microchipped, registered, medically checked over and neutered but once these are done will be ready for adoption.



If you would like to sponsor Sammy's journey please contact Paul at - It is £300 for Sammy's vaccinations, neuter and microchip and/or £100 per month for food, kennel care and toys and treats.


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