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Our recent rescue Chloe gets a make over from Sam from Tail Blazers Mobile Grooming


Chloe came to us this week from the pound. She was severely matted all over her body so we asked our friend Sam from Tail Blazers Mobile Grooming to groom her as soon as possible and look at the difference!

Chloe has a lovely nature and didn’t let her previous condition get her down but she must be so much more comfortable now. I’m excited to see what she looks like when her hair starts growing back.

Thank you Sam for always helping out our doggies and making them feel better.

You can find Sam at Facebook 

Chloe Before

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  • Hello,
    Could we be considered for Chloe pls. We currently have a 2 Yr old jackapoo. We lost our 13 year old jack russell a few weeks ago so are looking for a second dog again. Chloe looks a little sweetheart, bless her.


    Rose Russell

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