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Pepper, Lucy and Omar


Pepper (previously known as Tess) was rescued from a high kill shelter in Bosnia in May 2019. Pepper was adopted by Lucy and Omar in January 2020 and has settled wonderfully into their little family. 

After moving into our first house together we knew straight away that we wanted a rescue dog to become part of our family– one the reasons we moved out of our rented flat and bought a place was so we could provide a happy home for a rescue.
We started looking into local charities and rescues shelters but came to the decision we would like to adopt a dog from abroad. Both of us knew that a rescue dog from overseas would be more challenging, and that we would not have the luxury of meeting a dog before adopting.Above all we knew we were fortunate to have the patience and time to be able to provide a home for a rescue.
We had been following Fetcher Dogs social media accounts for some time so knew they had many dogs needing homes.We were really impressed with how often Fetcher Dog kept in contact with us, and after contacting them and completing the adoption form it was a quick process.The hardest part was having to choose only one dog from the many that were available!
After careful deliberation we decided on Pepper, previously known as Tess. She was the right size and age we were looking for and had grabbed our attention when we first saw her photo.

Pepper has settled in amazingly well in the few months that we’ve had her and is very much part of the family. She is a such a softie, she likes to greet each and every person, and dog, that she meets on walks. We’ve recently managed to let her off the lead, meaning she can play with her other dog friends around at the park. Everybody who meets her is fascinated by Pepper’s life and how she came to be galloping around the beach on the south coast of England. Pepper’s got a very unique look with a brindle coat, so she’s attracts a lot questions!
Pepper is also a huge foodie, when we first had her she didn’t allow you to eat a crumb without invading your personal space. However, she has learnt very quickly that her food is hers and ours is ours– although she does try her luck every now and then. One of Pepper’s favourite things to do is to visit her friend Nora every week– another Fetcher Dog that she was with in kennels.They play all day together and absolutely adore being with each other. She’s a big fan of the beach down on the south coast, and although she’s yet to take the plunge, she loves the sand and sunshine!

Pepper can be most often found stretched out on the sofa, causing the both of us to be squashed into each corner, or rolling around on her back with her favourite toy duck: called Honky.
We can’t thank the team at Fetcher Dog enough for saving our sweet Pepper, and the many others you work so hard to give a better life. Pepper has brought so much joy and love to us, and we can’t imagine life without her now.
Lucy and Omar

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  • What a fantastic write up! Lucky Pepper finding such a lovely family. Thankyou for adopting from us… and if ever you need another…🤣🤣

    Jude Foote ( Trustee fetcher dog)

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