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Please welcome Reggie and Maddie to the Fetcher Dog Family!!

Meet Reggie.

This Angel was rescued from a local pound when he was at risk of being put to sleep due to lack of space.

He is a real sweetheart who loves cuddles, bum scratches and toys.

He has been great with the other dogs here and at the pound and has been a delight since he stepped foot through our doors.

He isn’t on the website yet but we will accept applications for him.



Meet Maddie.❤️

Maddie arrived from Bosnia a few days ago and has settled in perfectly. She is the sweetest girl and doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.

Maddie has already enjoyed zoomies in our field, naps in the sunshine and cuddles with everyone at the rescue centre.

Maddie has been added to our website and is now looking for a home of her own!

Maude – Fetcher Dog

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