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We have a lot of wonderful puppies waiting for their forever homes. Each pup was rescued from their lives as strays in Bosnia and deserve a chance to live full and happy lives here in the U.K. 

The Mini Koda's 

Three puppies were found living near a busy road in Bosnia. They were only a few weeks old and their Mother was justifiably terrified of people, making her impossible for us to catch. Two of the puppies look like mini clones of our logo dog, Koda! Rory, Socks and Gus are approximately six months old and are ready for homes of their own. They have been living with a foster family in Bosnia so will have some training but will require more once they are adopted. All three puppies are great with other dogs and love to play. They will likely grow to be medium to large sized dogs. Rory, Socks and Gus are sweet and friendly pups that deserve a forever home of their own.

 Magnificent Seven

Our rescuer in Bosnia was contacted by a local building company in Bosnia when they found a heavily pregnant dog living on one of their building sites. She was extremely scared of people and so close to giving birth that catching her was not an option. Our rescuer created a comfortable and safe place in the building site for her and she gave birth to seven healthy puppies. We provided them with food and comfort until they were old enough to be separated from their Mother. The site manager would not allow the puppies to stay there, but would keep their Mother safe as she would not let us catch her and take her to safety. All seven pups were taken to a foster family in Bosnia when they were old enough and are now ready for adoption. One puppy, Bear has been reserved, but the other six are waiting for their forever homes. Three boys and three girls; Jasper, Fen, Forest, Aria, Amber and Bracken. These puppies are now six months old. They are typical puppies who love to play, they are great with other dogs and children. 



Ash and Chestnut

Ash and Chestnut were found dumped in the bins as tiny puppies, too little to take care of themselves. Our rescuer took them to a foster family in Bosnia but they are now ready for their forever homes. Ash and Chestnut are sweet and affectionate pups, that love cuddles, belly rubs and to play. 


 Please download a pre-adoption form from and email it to if you are interested in adopting one of these adorable pups!


























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  • Hi do you have any small bread dogs and how much is it to adopt please.

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