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Rescue to Rehome Fundraiser with The Big Give


Rescue to Rehome

We are raising money to rescue 30 dogs from the streets and kill shelters of Bosnia and to give them everything they need to travel to England to their forever homes.


Thousands of dogs can be found living on the streets of Bosnia each year, they fill the kill shelters and endure cruel treatment from locals and government workers. The dogs continue to breed and increase in number year on year and fill the kill shelters and public shelters quickly. The dogs are not cared for in these environments and suffer as a consequence. They are provided with no food, veterinary care or comfort and are either killed to make room for more or die from exposure and disease.



We rescue as many dogs as we can to alleviate the stray dog problem and to provide the dogs with the lives and love that they deserve. We provide any and all veterinary treatments they require from being forced to live in poor conditions. Once fit and healthy, we commit to finding all of our dogs wonderful forever homes in England. The dogs and families both benefit from being brought together. The more dogs we find homes for, the more we can save. This alleviates the situation in Bosnia.

Please help us reach our target at: Rescue to Rehome (

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