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Rosie's Rescue, Part 1

We got a call in early September from our wonderful volunteer Mel, asking if a Labrador names Rosie could become a 'Fetcher Dog'. Mel had gone into our local vets and Rosie has just been taken in to be put to sleep. Rosie's parents had died, and their son did not want to take care of her. 

The vets would not put her to sleep as they believed a healthy dog should not be put to sleep. Rosie had not been properly cared for in a long time; she weighed 43 kilos and her nails were so long that she could not stand. She had not been taken to the vets in about six years and had a large fatty lump on one of her legs that could not be removed safely until she lost weight. 

Like the star that she is, Mel offered to foster Rosie and has made it her mission to help her lose weight. It is a very slow process but she is persevering. 

Stay tuned for part 2 of Rosie's journey.  


  • Hi, we have a 12 year old Bassett who is lovely, we would love to have Rosie. We live semi_rural and have an acre of land all fenced in.

    Stuart Harvey
  • Has she found a new home yet? Polly xx

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