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Rosie's Rescue, Part 2

Rosie was extremely overweight and neglected when she went to live with our volunteer, Mel and her family. She could not lift herself up off of the floor and could not walk more than a few minutes without getting tired. 

Rosie was very shy and nervous of new people and their intentions. She's had no training and barely any socialisation in her life, so Mel's journey with Rosie has been an uphill battle.

Due to the stress of being left at the vets. Rosie would not settle and barely ate for the first week in her foster home. Eventually, she was able to get into her new routine. She was put on a new diet of three small meals per day of Hill's Low Fat dog meat and light Arden Grange biscuits. She has also been put on loads of supplements to help with the damage caused by her weight.

Rosie needed to be lifted off the floor by Mel for the first few weeks, as she could not get herself up due to her large size. Mel started with several short five-minute walks per day and gradually increased the amount daily. Poor Rosie did not enjoy her exercise and it was a huge struggle for Mel and Rosie every time they went out. Eventually, they turned a corner and the walks started to become more and more enjoyable. 

After one month at Mel's, Rosie has lost 5 kilos and finally started to her enjoy her time out with Mel. She is getting fitter daily and enjoying her life more and more every minute. 

Stay tuned to hear more about Rosie's journey in part 3.


  • Hi has Rosie gone now as have an elderly neighbour who lost her dog in may and is desperate to find a new friend to love she lives in Medway area of Kent

    Lesley Westlake
  • If Rosie is still available we’d love to meet her,she seems like the perfect companion for our old girl,springer/lab x, who hates being an only dog. We recently lost our 2 black labs a couple of months apart.
    Obviously Rosie would have to like us & Amber,would love to arrange a visit.

    Sue Moffatt

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