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Sad news as Waldo, one of Fetcher Dog's first rescued dogs, passes away!!


Founder Stephanie writes:

I would like to express our sincere condolences and shared heart ache Iwth Hannah Hasham and Daaim Hasham.

Dogs make an indelible impression on our hearts. We love them more with each passing day and when they leave us we are broken. Our hearts feel literally heavy and we can barely breathe. The loss of a dog is so hard and crippling at any random moment, thoughts of them come into our minds, we walk in a room and they are no longer there, tears escape our eyes at random moments and we lose ourselves in thoughts of them and how we will get through the days without them.

Waldo was one of a kind, a truly beautiful gentle dog. After living an awful life in Bosnia and ending up in a high kill shelter, his chances were slim of finding the love and happiness he deserved.

Luckily we saw him in the kill shelter and got him to safety, Waldo became a Fetcher dog and very much a part of our extended family.

Waldo was on the second wave of dogs we had come to UK kennels once we had a place we could use to keep them, until adoption. In the time he was with us he was such a loving, goofy boy. He shared with our little Taylor for a while and had us in stitches with his funny loving way.

He was with us for a long time, as its sometimes hard for the older and bigger dogs to be placed. In the time he was with us and since he most definitely wrapped himself around our hearts. He then went to Mel Evans for foster and again relished in having a home life and was wonderful with the Mel's children and other dog.

Thank you Mel.

Eventually Hannah and Daaim came along and fell in love with our beautiful boy and he went to live with them for the remainder of his days.

He was truly loved and had a wonderful life. Nothing I can say will make it better for you guys, the loss of Waldo has had a big impact on everyone that cared for him, but for you I know its so much worse.

I will share some happy memories and last good buys

 We loved you Waldo, we may not have seen you a lot over the last few years, but we had the comfort of knowing you was well loved and looked after and knowing you had that made the world a better place,

Thank you so much Hannah Hasham and Daaim for allowing me to have that last goodbye.


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