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Sad news from the rescue centre - Cheddar and his Wrist Fracture


This week the rescue centre experienced a sad and worrying incident with one of our new arrivals, Cheddar.

Cheddar was the last dog, to be taken off the van, from our 10 dogs that arrived from Bosnia on Thursday evening, tired and scared from a long journey, he jumped from the transport van, while on a lead, and fell awkwardly, breaking his right wrist.

A terrible start for Cheddar on his arrival in the UK.

We managed to get him in a crate and to Barton Vets in Canterbury that evening where he received pain killers and the next day had x-rays which confirmed a fracture. His surgery is due next Wednesday with rehabilitation expected to be 6-8 weeks.

We are raising money for Cheddar's treatment at Koda's Birthday Challenge | Give as you Live Donate to cover the £3500 medical costs.

During February we are completing daily challenges in celebration of Koda's (Our logo dog) 7th birthday and now will be completing challenges for Cheddar as well. We are being set challenges from our supporters with the number 7 in them, ie 70km bike rides and eating 7 dog biscuits. Feel free to nominate challenges.

Please follow our journey on Instagram/Facebook/Tik Tok etc and donate if possible to the enclosed link.

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