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Samantha from Tail Blazers Grooming Services has been volunteering at the rescue centre!!


Samantha Mills has visited the centre on a few occasions, over the last few weeks, and has bathed and groomed some our our furry and often smelly canine residents.

Sam has washed and groomed many dogs and they all have looked beautiful after being pampered. Many of the dogs at the centre have had tough starts in life and will have not experienced such one to one attention. They all seemed to like the experience as she was patient, caring and understanding and they all ended up smelling really good!!



Sam has recently set up her own mobile dog grooming business and has given of her time to practice her skills, She is professional, friendly and knowledgeable and the dogs looked great after their one to one pampering sessions. Sam is local to Ashford, Kent.

You can find Sam at her Facebook page -  Tail Blazers Mobile Grooming | Facebook 

So if your dogs are in need of some pampering please consider Sam, the dogs really enjoyed their experiences and looked and smelled really good.

Sam will be volunteering at the centre over the coming months and we are very grateful to her for offering her expertise to the welfare of the dogs.

Thank You


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