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Scout! by Tori Ratcliffe

Scout is only our second foster dog, but what a treat she has been to have in our household! At the beginning she was so afraid of us that she would shake if we went near her and I couldn't get her to walk on the lead without her collapsing on the floor in submission. She had to be carried up and down the stairs to our flat during the first few days and wouldn't come anywhere near us. But gradually, bit by bit, we discovered a very sweet and playful character underneath.
Our dog Spud has been a great influence on her as he's very confident and not much fazes him, Scout would often use him as a shield between her and us, she'd only come close to us if Spud was there as a buffer! 
Our foster dogs so far have both been very timid and nervous and you have to work to get their trust, I liken them to onions, every week or two we manage to peel back another layer and they let us see a little hint of the true dog underneath. My highlight has definitely been watching Scout discover balls, I will never get bored of watching her pounce on the ball and play with it by herself (much more in the manner of a cat than a dog!) She also now lets me hold her head and kiss her face, something unimaginable when we first got her.
Scout loves to play although she is nervous with bigger/bouncier dogs and sometimes air snaps as a warning if they don't read her body language that she wants to be left alone - but her preferred method is to run around them and avoid any confrontation which is a positive response. She adores old people and children (because they are less threatening) but for a lot of adults she will only approach you if you are crouched down. This is something I am confident she will work through by herself, she just needs more time - everything is still very new for her.
Having had her 4 months now (longer than usual due to lockdown) we will be sad to let Scout go, but she is ready to have her own home and her own family and I can promise whoever gets her will not be disappointed!
To see more of Scout's time with Tori, you can follow Tori on instagram, @toriratcliffeart  :)
If you are interested in adopting Scout, please click the link to download our pre-adoption form and email it to
If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, like Tori and Juan, please had to the link to download our pre-foster form. 
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  • I would like to b considered to adopt scout if possible

    Miss A S Ralston
  • Hello is Scout still in need of a home?
    I was a guide dog trainer for 10 years so have lots of experience with dogs, especially when it comes to building confidence socially and environmentally.

    Sophia Steadman
  • Hi I’m very interested in Scout is she still looking for a home? X


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