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Snowy's medical history unveiled after his latest trip to the vets!!


One of our newest residents Snowy had a health check today at the vets and we learnt a lot more about his history.

It is very clear that Snowy was well cared for by his previous family as he underwent expensive surgeries for a mast cell tumour as well as ligament damage on one of his hind legs. His family also kept up with all of his vaccinations and flea treatments throughout his whole life and ensured he was taken to the vets whenever he felt under the weather.

He has been on medication for a heart murmur which was thoroughly investigated in 2022 and he started monthly arthritis jabs a couple of years ago which we have restarted today as they had stopped when he went into the boarding kennels.

Snowy now has all the meds he needs and his jab should help if he has achy legs!


Snowy is lucky to of had such a caring family and we hope we can find him someone that will love him just as much for the rest of his life!

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