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Spay/Neuter - Some facts!!

At Fetcher Dog we go above and beyond to ensure the safety, well-being, and happiness of our beloved dogs, enabling them to live their best lives.

In this post we look at neutering a dog, the benefits and science behind this procedure.

Please Note:
Fetcher Dog Spay and Neuter all the dogs under our care at the appropriate age by qualified Veterinarians. 


What is neutering?

Neutering, sometimes called sterilisation is a common type of surgery that permanently stops your dog from being able to have puppies. In male dogs, this is known as castration and involves the testicles (testes) being removed. In females, the ovaries and usually the uterus are taken out and is called spaying.

Is the operation safe?

Neutering is one of the most common types of surgery carried out on dogs and is performed at most veterinary practices every day. As with any operation, complications can occur, but the risks involved in this procedure are low. 

What’s the best age to neuter my dog?

Most dogs are usually neutered between six months and two years of age. 

What are the benefits of neutering?

Choosing to have your dog neutered has the following benefits:

- Preventing unwanted pregnancies
- Changing some undesirable behaviours
- Reducing risks of some cancers
- Minimising some infections and diseases
- Preventing inherited diseases from being passed on

As stated it is Fetcher Dog's policy to have all the rescue dogs neutered due to the amount of dogs being abandoned around the world. If you have a dog and you are considering this procedure please seek professional medical advice.

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