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Spending time with Cosmo at The Tenterden Social Hub and Pets Corner, Ashford.


This week I have had the privilege of spending time with Cosmo at two events, a talk at The Tenterden Social Hub and a collection/awareness day at Pets Corner in Ashford, Kent.

Cosmo's details: Cosmo – Fetcher Dog

Sex: Male
Date Of Birth: 10/2022
Size: Small/Medium
Breed: Mixed
Spayed/Neutered: No
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Location: Kent


Background on Cosmo's Family - The Space Family - From Feb 23

'This family was found living on the streets of Bosnia and they are now looking for homes of their own. 

Their Mum, Venus is small/medium in size (almost small) and is approximately two years old. She has been a wonderful mother to her babies and has been great with all of the other dogs at the kennels.

We do not know their Dad so this is just an estimate. They are typical playful puppies. All three pups have been great with the other dogs and the volunteers at the kennels.'



Cosmo is a puppy, so therefore is playful, full of energy, wants attention, wants to know what's going on and wants to be involved. All of which are natural traits for a puppy.

Cosmo is an absolute joy to be around, is so handsome and fun, because of his eagerness, energy and exuberance will definitely need full training and around other dogs and cats will require patience and steady increasing engagement. 

These days out are very important for the dogs as they introduce them to new surroundings, senses and situations that they may not have experience.



The Tenterden Social Hub

The staff and guests made us very welcome at their premises in Tenterden, Cosmo and I gave a talk and said Hi to everyone there. Cosmo is good around people, a little excitable to start with (which is natural) but he soon quietened down and felt confident in a busy room. He loves treats!! 

We also received a donation from the charity, the staff and the guests on the day of over £100 which will help towards vet costs for the dogs.

Thank you goes to Trudy and Lindsay and all the staff for an enjoyable afternoon and learning about the great work you do for the community.

The Tenterden Social Club at Service | Tenterden Social Hub | England

Pet's Corner, Ashford, Kent

Cosmo was excitable all day, due to the fact there was a lot of sense stimulation, Pet's Corner are very dog friendly so many customers brought their dogs into the store and received excellent care attention from Naomi and Jasmine (Yazz) who spoilt them all rotten with fuss, treats and games. Cosmo just wanted to play with all the dogs, eat all the treats and tell everyone he was there. (A child at a birthday party springs to mind) and of course after a while got tired but refused to rest!!

Naomi ran a raffle, prior to the event, to raise money for Fetcher Dog and raised £153.00 which will go towards operational costs. We thank her and all the companies that donated items for the raffle. They also donated duvets and dog food for use at the rescue centre.

Pets Corner, Ashford at Pets Corner Ashford, Your Best Reviewed Local Pet Shop



I would like to, personally, thank the staff at The Tenterden Social Hub and Pets Corner, Ashford, for being so kind to Cosmo, he really enjoyed both days (He told me) and we look forward to more Cosmo days out in the near future until, of course, he gets adopted.

Cosmo is available to be adopted Adopt A Dog – Fetcher Dog 

If you would like a visit and talk from one of the Fetcher Dog staff, please contact Paul at

For information on adopting, please fill out the application form or email

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