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Stephanie and Jordan complete the London 5K, please donate to ease their pain!!

Yesterday was the first of the team challenges that Fetcher Dog are undertaking in July, Stephanie and Jordan entered themselves into the London 5k run through Run for Charity.

They had done a massive amount of preparation and training for this (NOT!!) and found it tough but rewarding, do you fancy running or cycling or even walking for Fetcher Dog?

Jordan writes:

'Our phones were so low on battery last night that we unfortunately couldn’t update you as we went BUT we completed our 5k!

This is the first of the teams July challenges to raise money for dogs and it was tough but we are so happy that we did it.

Please also bear in mind that we go lost and ran half way across London beforehand to make it in time 😂

We have £500 worth of match funding for these challenges so that first £500 donated will be matched!'


Please head to the link below to support us!

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