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Stories from Bosnia - Emergency Puppy Rescue


Initial Contact:

We were contacted by one of our rescuers who lives in an outlying village in Bosnia to inform us of the horrible situation the strays in her area are soon to face. As the number of strays in her area has grown, the local government have made a deal with the dog catchers to round up and kill as many as possible in a couple of weeks' time and we want to rescue as many as we can before that happens.

Fetcher Dog saved 14 dogs from the streets of Bosnia.

Further Update:

They are playful puppies who love to run around, play chase, jump all over each other and interact with other dogs. They are too young to be spayed/neutered. None of these puppies have ever lived in a home before so will require full training upon adoption. These puppies are currently in kennels in Bosnia, but we estimate that they will be ready to travel to our kennels in Kent at the end of November - Jordan Connor

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