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Success stories - Bonnie (previously Sally) is enjoying her new life with her forever family!!


It is always rewarding when Fetcher Dog receive news that one of our dogs has settled into their new home well.

Sally was rescued from a public in Bosnia after we were told she was in danger. The public shelter is not safe for small dogs and we needed to remove Sally and many other dogs from there as quickly as possible.

She has since been adopted and we asked her new family how she was settling in.

Eileen Evans writes:

'Bonnie (previously Sally) came to us in May 2022 and has been an absolute dream!
She is just the sweetest, most loving dog and it's madness to think she may never have had the chance to be in a family home as she is so suited to it.
She is fantastic with our son who loves teaching her tricks ("high five" is a particular favourite) and spends her evenings cuddled up on the sofa with us.
Can't believe we've only had her for 18 months, as it feels like she's been part of the family for so much longer' 🙂

There is, unfortunately, a perception by some people that rescue dogs or Bosnian dogs can be more difficult to manage, we believe this is false and Bonnie proves this to be the case.

Thank you to the Evans family and all our adopters.

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