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Kayleigh and Presley's Story - The positive affect that dogs can have on mental and physical well being.



Fetcher Dog are looking to collate some stories of how dogs can have a positive affect on the physical and mental well being of their families. We are asking our adopters for their experiences with a view to share these stories in articles and on social media and hopefully in a wider study.

The first of these heart-warming stories is Kayleigh and Presley.

Kayleigh writes:

'I adopted Presley (Lucas) back in December. In the months previous, I had been really struggling with my mental health. From losing my grandad, to my family going through a lengthy court case (that we won eventually), pressures at a job I hated, and strained family relations - the past couple of years had taken a huge toll on me. I also developed long covid which led to chronic fatigue, asthma and brain fog that could now be lifelong leading to me becoming very frustrated and feeling very low as i couldn’t enjoy exercising or being active and some days I couldn’t even get out of bed. This combination spiralled to me having a breakdown in November and getting a diagnosis of depression and anxiety, and a very dark time in my life where I often wouldn’t leave my house for days.

BUT along came Presley! He’s been the biggest blessing in my life. He’s given me a reason to get out of bed everyday, and training him has been great mental stimulation for the both of us. It’s a joy to see Presley master a new trick, to see him run to me when i call his name, and jump up at me and greet me at the door when I come home from work. He’s given me the confidence to leave my house again, and helped me to build up my stamina to be able to go on decent length walks which has been great both mentally and physically.

Presley is my best friend and the bond I have with him makes me the happiest! To go to sleep next to and to wake up in the mornings to Presley’s little face is such a blessing and starts/ends my day on the most positive note.

Taking on the world with him by my side is my favourite thing and makes my mind and heart so happy'


Thank you very much Kayleigh for sharing this heart-warming story.

If you have any stories on how dogs, especially Fetcher Dog dogs, have had a positive affect on your or a family member's mental or physical well being, please contact Paul at

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