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The Fetcher Dog Lottery!!


The Fetcher Dog Lottery

Fetcher Dog are pleased to announce that we are running our very own lottery.

Play our weekly lottery and help abandoned dogs!

By playing Fetcher Dog's weekly lottery you have the chance to win wonderful cash prizes whilst supporting our dogs by giving us a reliable income stream. This means we can commit to saving more dogs and we know we will have the funds to protect them long-term. 

For just £1 a week you could win our jackpot prize of £25,000 whilst supporting abandoned dogs. 

How the lottery works

For every £1 you play each week, you'll receive a unique 6-digit lottery number.

Every Friday, a winning number is drawn at random. Match your digits to win up to £25,000! 

The lottery is a number match game. We generate a random 6-digit winning number sequence. If your digits are in same positions as the digits in the winning number sequence, you win a prize! 

-Pick how many £1 entries you’d like to play each week.

-Click to join online by Direct Debit or Debit Card, or alternatively download our postal form.

-Fill out your details and click submit, or post your form to our Freepost address.

You’ll receive your lottery numbers in the post or by email, and we’ll let you know when you will start playing.


Win up to £25,000 every week plus other great prizes! 

-3 digit match = 5 entries into the next draw 

-4 digit match = £25 

-5 digit match = £1,000 

-6 digit match = £25,000

All players have a 1 in 63 chance of winning ANY prize!

Follow the link and start playing - Fetcher Dog (

Full Terms and Conditions - Fetcher Dog Lottery

Good Luck


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    Garry zlauton
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    Marion Wood

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