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The Fetcher Dog Monthly Newsletter!


Each month Fetcher Dog produce a Newsletter highlighting activities of the charity and the rescue centre at Hastingleigh, Kent as well as local community engagement.

If you would like a copy of our newsletter, please subscribe at at the bottom of the Homepage or alternatively email Paul at

The newsletter includes:

  • This Month at the Rescue Centre
  • How You can help
  • Dogs looking for their forever homes
  • Stories of adopted dogs and their new families
  • Competitions

Generally though, it just contains loads of photos of our dogs.

The aim of the charity is to home as many dogs as we can from either the dog pounds of the UK or the streets of Bosnia....

I have listed some quick links of some of our dogs awaiting their forever families:


I have also included some before and after photos, if you can spot them, Fetcher Dog really do make an enormous positive difference to dogs lives, please help us in our mission to alleviate the suffering of abandoned dogs around the world.

 Thank You

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