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The Fetcher Dog Volunteer and Supporters Social Club



Fetcher Dog depend on the kindness and generosity of a growing community of people that on Facebook we call the 'Friends of Fetcher Dog'. 

We thought that it would be a great idea to have regular meet ups for friends, supporters, adopters, volunteers and businesses that have helped us over the last few years.

The aim of this is to have informal get-togethers where we can discuss, what we would like to see going forwards, what we are doing well and what (heaven forbid) we could do better in a friendly environment. 

The idea is meet monthly at a local (To Wye) pub for a few hours and have an evening out as a celebration and thank you for everything that Fetcher Dog has achieved to date, whilst having a place where we can discus dog behaviour, training needs, dog diets and share our dog related stories.

The first meeting will be at The New Flying Horse, Wye, Kent

Please let us know, what day of the week/time would suit you, either through Facebook 'Friends of Fetcher Dog' or email Paul at

We look forward to you coming along......

Thank You

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