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The staff at Fetcher Dog are gearing up for a number of challenges in July - Fancy a challenge this Summer?


The staff at the rescue centre and undertaking some challenges to raise funds for the dogs.

Historically, summer, is slow with regards adoptions and therefore money is tighter than normal and we are looking to undertake a number of challenges.

Throughout July we will be out and about, running, cycling, swimming, jumping, all of which, hopefully, will be fun whilst raising awareness and funds.

Some already agreed challenges include:

- A 5K run

- A 24 hour treadmill challenge

- An aeroplane wing walk

Please, as always, get behind us, share our posts, even if it is just to see us suffer!!

If you have any ideas that you would like the team to pursue and to share across our social media channels, please let us know?.

We would ask our followers and friends to consider undertaking a challenge of their own this summer whilst raising funds to help us continue or work.

Challenges can be very beneficial for the individual, physically and mentally, as they push you outside of your comfort zone and if done with friends are a great way to share a worthwhile experience. 

If this is something that appeals to you and you require advice, please email Jordan at


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