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Meet Banjo!! - This beautiful local stray is Fetcher Dog's most recent addition at the rescue centre.



This cutie was found as a stray, locally to Kent and the local dog warden was looking for a rescue space, we volunteered and he has arrived at the rescue centre today.

We have been told he was most likely a farm dog, he is really excitable and we think he is a Jack Russel/Husky mix.

We are looking for names for him, to get him neutered and he will be ready for adoption soon. 

 Banjo came from the Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service - Facebook



Primarily, Fetcher Dog, rescue Bosnian street dogs but have an ongoing relationship with some local councils who contact us when they are looking for immediate support for UK stray dogs and when we have spare room at the rescue centre we are pleased to help out!

For all the dogs that are currently looking for homes, please visit: 

Waiting For Their Forever Homes – Fetcher Dog

Thank You


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