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This Week at the Fetcher Dog Rescue Centre - 'It was all about Amber'


It has been a busy week at the rescue centre with adoptions, volunteers, meetings, interviews, local community events and trips to the vets!!

Amber had her heart surgery this week, which was successful and she is back home for rest and recuperation. We are very grateful to the vets and the surgeons and also for the donations towards her surgery which currently stands at £1600 of the £2500 needed. 

If you would like to donate to Amber's surgery please follow this link:

Fundraiser by Fetcher Dog : Amber's Heart Surgery ( 

Fetcher Dog attended the most recent Chamber of Commerce meeting at Aylesford Priory. many interesting conversations were had at a great venue and we had more positive discussions with Darren from The Amber Foundation with regards future collaborations.

Lauren Cox and Louis Temple volunteered this week, sorting out items for jumbles sales, kennel cleaning and painting the barn amongst other things, they were both friendly, enthusiastic and it has been a pleasure to have them on centre, their help is much appreciated.

We have also asked a good friend, adopter and supporter of Fetcher Dog to be our first ambassador and we are very pleased that she accepted, more news to follow, the clue, though, is in the title!!

Interviews have been a constant feature this last week as Fetcher Dog have been recruiting for a Kennel Assistant, many ideal candidates applied and a decision should be made shortly, thank you to everyone who applied!

There are currently 30 dogs on the centre all looking for forever homes, there are residents and newbies, puppies and oldies, loud ones and shy ones, energetic and mellow ones, brown ones and black ones and every colour in between, all of them cuties and you can find them all at:

Waiting For Their Forever Homes – Fetcher Dog

Other Stuff

400 dog meals were prepared and swiftly eaten, over two hundred  kennels were cleaned, we will not be beaten,

100 hours of dog walks, runs, sprints, cuddles and kisses were shared, tons of poo was picked, hours of zoom calls were made, not a moment was spared.

Collaborations were worked on, grant applications were completed, walls were painted, meetings were planned, meetings were had, we will not be defeated.

Cars were leased, vans were secured and money was kindly donated, dropped off and sent and lack of money caused anxiety and got wisely spent.

Dogs were fostered and reserved, some dogs were sick and some returned,

Dogs got combed and dogs got better, dogs basked in the sun and some dogs got wetter,

Tails wagged and treats were given, grooming was volunteered and baths were reluctantly taken, 

Dogs got professional one to one training and other dogs chose to stay indoors when it was raining.

Food, blankets and jumble items were donated whilst staff, trustees and volunteers gladly participated.

Never a dull moment at the rescue centre!!

As always we would like to thank everyone who supports the charity with their time and their expertise as well as their money, we are very grateful.

If you would like to volunteer for Fetcher Dog, please contact Paul at 

Thank You


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  • Well done to everyone involved! Thank you for helping these lovely doggos 👏 💕


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