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Up and Coming Fetcher Dog Events - Volunteers Required!!

We are going to start posting more regularly about the local events we are doing that need some volunteers. We are hoping to keep doing jumble sales but we want to add more collection/shaky bucket days and more fayres and fetes. We are hoping some of our lovely supporters and adopters may be willing to help us raise a little bit of money and raise awareness for our lovely dogs by volunteering some of their time to help us with these events. I will post a list of events that need help as and when, please comment below like you do with the home checks if you think you can help. Some events will need more help than others. So, we already have two!
21st January- jumble sale - Hastingleigh, Ashford. Volunteers needed to help man the stalls.
22nd January- shaky bucket collection with Stephanie and a dog - Pets Corner Ashford.
29th January- dog walk and refreshments- Hampstead Heath- need volunteers to stay at the gallery and talk to guests about adoption. (dogs very welcome).
We would be very grateful for any support.
Thank you

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