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Update on Lorelai's Health Issues!!


Lorelai is off to Davies Veterinary Specialists today morning so that we can hopefully treat her mast cell tumour. She has a big day ahead with her consultation at 9:30am and then various tests and procedures throughout the day hopefully ending in the removal of her tumour and reconstruction of the area it’s being removed from.

She should be at the vets for a few days and we know her daughter Rory will be lost without her.

 Lorelai and Rory came to us from the pound as a bonded pair that have to be homed together. Upon arrival, we noticed Lorelai had a mass near her back end and we made sure to flag it with the vets when they both went for their health checks.

 Luckily, Rory was in perfect health but Lorelai was diagnosed with cancer. We believe both had been used for prior to their arrival at the pound and we had hoped that we would finally be able to find them there happily ever after. We hope that the next few days will be a big success for Lorelai so that they can finally have the life that they deserve.

We are spoiling both of them today with lots of yummy food and treats and huge amounts of cuddles.

More info on the vets at Leading Multi-Specialist Care | Davies Veterinary Specialists (

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