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Volunteer Week - Being a volunteer for Fetcher Dog by Louis Temple



Louis has volunteered with us in the holidays when not at university and it has been a joy to have him on centre. His has kennel and centre cleaned as well as painted and whilst back at university has created some wonderful images of the dogs which we plan to use of thank you cards and Louis is planning on creating a mural for the centre of 12 rescue centre dogs.

Louis writes:

'I started volunteering for Fetcher Dog during my Easter break from university this year and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

The infectious energy from Paul, Stephanie, and Jordan has made even the least pretty jobs strangely enjoyable.

The story behind the charity’s roots and development and the team’s dedication to providing the best care for the dogs has been inspiring for me; I think the fact that I’ve keenly chosen to spend some of my free time picking up poo (and sometimes retching) is a testament to this!



So far, in the time I’ve volunteered, I’ve cleaned kennels, painted the barn, tidied up around the centre, gradually got the hang of Paul’s jovial sarcasm and spent some time with the lovely dogs when they needed to be supervised. I’ve also started designing some murals of the dogs that may be put up somewhere in the centre sometime in the future.

Volunteering here has been a great way for me to use some of my free time and energy for a positive, productive cause; plus, it’s been perfect for taking my mind off university work when I’ve needed to. It’s also been very eye-opening to see how much goes into running a charity like this and how valuable even the littlest of help can be.

Being around so many dogs has been an obvious positive too!

Thanks Louis, your work is very much appreciated

(and please note the cutie in the picture with Louis is not one of our dogs)

If you would like to volunteer for Fetcher Dog, please contact Paul at

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