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Volunteer Week - Lauren Cox shares her Fetcher Dog volunteer experience.



Lauren has been volunteering for a while now and it has been a pleasure to have her on the centre, Lauren has helped organise all the jumble sale items, set up our Etsy store and created images that we have used on our 'Pound for a Hound' appeal (see below) and our marketing material.

Lauren writes:

How has volunteering at Fetcher Dog helped me?

'I have previously struggled with depression, and continue to struggle with anxiety, and both of these have left me unemployed with little experience or confidence. I had discussed volunteering with my family, as an opportunity to build my confidence and gain experience in a working environment, but I knew that I wanted to give my time and energy to a charity/cause that makes a difference.

As an animal lover, especially dogs, I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be volunteering with Fetcher Dog, working towards making a difference for these dogs.

The Fetcher Dog team have been so friendly and supportive, allowing me to play to my strengths and skills in order to help them the best I can - volunteering with them has given me purpose, and I can see a difference in my confidence and social anxiety especially.

I have seen first hand the time and effort the team put into caring for these dogs, ensuring that the dogs are looked after properly and can find their perfect home; to be a small part of their work and successes is the best feeling, I feel so proud to volunteer for them.

Although my family is yet to adopt a Fetcher Dog, I can’t express enough how much having two family dogs has helped me and my mental health. Again, they have given me purpose. Their unconditional love and affection, as well as the time I spend looking after them and making sure their lives are as best they can be, the impact of both is immeasurable.'

Thank You Lauren, having you as a part of the team has been a pleasure and your input and impact has been huge.



If you would like to volunteer at Fetcher Dog, please contact Paul at

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