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Volunteer Week - Richard and Janet Carrison


Janet and Richard Carrison have been very good friends and supporters of Fetcher Dog since adopting Bella, they have volunteered their time and their skills to us on numerous occasions whether it is helping on collection days at local supermarkets, home checks for potential adopters or fixing items at the rescue centre like the lawnmower (which they gave to us) and they are always friendly and supportive of the charity.

Janet writes:
Back in January 2020 Richard and I adopted the beautiful Bella, who we absolutely adore.
We soon became good friends with Stephanie and Jordan, who both work tirelessly for the benefit of these wonderful dogs, and we have been very pleased to be able to help where we can.

As well as helping Stephanie doing ‘shaky bucket’ collections outside shops and shopping centres, I also carry out home visits to potential adopters. I really enjoy this element of volunteering as I get to meet so many lovely people, and I have also discovered many ‘hidden gems’ in the local area, which I would never have otherwise found.

I find it very rewarding being a part of the Fetcher Dog family, and doing my small bit to help in finding suitable forever homes for these lovely dogs.

Thank You very much Janet and Richard, Fetcher Dog are very appreciative of what you do.



If you would like to volunteer for Fetcher Dog, please contact Paul at

Thank You

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