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Volunteer Week - Volunteering at Fetcher Dog by Rob, a dog trainer from Waggles.


Rob has been volunteering at the rescue centre for a while now and offers his expertise to the dogs in a number of ways. He has been working with, mainly, nervous dogs and has had some positive results.

Rob writes:

'I have been volunteering my dog behaviour expertise at Fetcher Dog for 9 months now. During this time I have been able to work with dogs that have displayed a multitude of different behavioural needs, from the most nervous to the bounciest. All shapes and sizes.

This has allowed me to develop and hone my skills and required me to really delve deeply into all my knowledge, to be able to help and advise the best way I can, always with the dogs best interest at heart.

Fetcher Dog do an amazing job at giving the dogs they rescue a new, happier life, but it is only possible with the hard work and dedication of the team that are on site day in day out. I feel very lucky to be welcomed into that team for the short time I am able to offer each week. Moulding a new behaviour in a dog takes time, a calm consistency and patience.

There is only so much that can be done at the centre and therefore it’s always a joy to hear and see updates of the dogs I have worked with, where it is evident the adopters have continued the work the centre started and the dog has adapted happily into its new surroundings.

It is an extremely rewarding experience being a volunteer. Being able to offer a skill, talent or even just your time where it is appreciated is a great feeling and I would recommend to anyone that has a spare few hours in their week to offer it to an admirable cause like Fetcher Dog.'

Rob from Waggle Dogs - Waggle Dogs -

'Rob is our resident consultant. Having seen Canine Communication in action first hand, Rob decided to enrol on the 'Foundation Course in Canine Communication'. He was so overwhelmed at how fascinating a dog's psychology is, he wanted to further his knowledge. He took part in the 'Advanced Course in Canine Communication' where he demonstrated the understanding needed to be invited onto the Graduate course. Having completed the Graduate course, Rob now is a certified Canine Behaviour Consultant and is qualified to deliver one to one tutorials in Canine Communication'
(Biography Courtesy of their website)

Thank You Rob for your time and expertise.

If you would like to volunteer at Fetcher Dog, please contact Paul at

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