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We asked the local wildlife to help us to find volunteers, this beauty kindly agreed to pose for us!!


We are looking for various volunteers that can help us regularly and with one-off jobs around the rescue centre near Ashford, Kent.

Please email Jordan at if you think you can help with any of the following jobs!

🐶Volunteer kennel assistants- cleaning kennels, washing bowls, washing bedding etc

🐶Maintenance around the centre- cleaning guttering, small fixes of broken things, painting

🐶Gardeners- weeding, mowing, trimming bushes/trees etc

🐶Cleaning/tidying communal areas

🐶Vets/vet nurses able to visit the centre for general health checks/nail trims etc

There are lots of jobs that we need doing, so please do get in touch if you are interested in helping!

Please note, generally, volunteers need to be 18+ (or insurance purposes)

You can also email Paul at

Thank You

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  • Hi Paul, we (my husband and I) visited last Sunday with bags of towels, a blanket and a duvet. I’ve had an offer of similar items but the lady said she smokes so whatever she’s offering will need washing! What are your thoughts re that? Good to hear that Clove was safely delivered of eight offspring, will ask around for newspapers for when the babies start to toddle about and leave ‘presents’ for their staff! Let’s hope for some dry days, life with dogs is always easier when the sun is shining. Regards Maggie…

    Maggie Donaldson

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