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Original dog portraits from painter Emma Elizabeth Owen and wildlife art by David Stribbling now on our Etsy Store.



We have over fifty items on our Etsy Store - Fetcherstore which range from vintage, retro and now art from Emma Elizabeth Owen and David Stribbling.

Emma writes:

'My work derives from a quest to quieten a noisy, overanalytical, self-critical, sleep deprived mind.

I use music to help mute the chaos, which allows me the freedom to respond instinctively, attempting to express life as an introvert watching a too bright and busy world go by.

I sketch from life, which form the basis of my paintings in oils and acrylics that reflect loss, loneliness, hope and the passage of time'

You can find Emma's work at:

Work – Emma Elizabeth Owen Art (



David Stribbling - David Stribbling - Official Website (

David Stribbling is one of the UK's leading wildlife artists and known for powerfully evocative oil paintings with exquisite detail and colour, primarily of wildlife subjects and with a particular affinity for Africa and the big cats.

There are lots of items on the Etsy Store - FetcherStore - Etsy UK - Pottery, Glassware, Retro/Vintage items as well as homeware and fashion items.

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