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When somebody says 'It's just a dog' - What do our adopters reply?


Things that make you go hmmmm!!

It is well known that having a pet improves your mental and physical well being, whether that is through the exercise they need and you give them or through the companionship and friendship they give you.

From time to time I hear people comment, 'It's just a dog' - so we asked some of our adopters what their dog was to them and this is what they replied:

'My soulmate'
'My shoulder to cry on'
'My companion'
'My travel buddy'
'My protector'
'My motivator'
'My stress reliever'
'My little brother'
'My guardian angel'
'My confidant'
'My therapist'
'My playmate'
'My baby'
'My reason to be a better person'
My best friend'


So, what do you think of when somebody looks at your dog and remarks 'Its only a dog'?



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