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That was the Fetcher Dog week that was!!


The last week has been a very busy, concerning and rewarding week at the rescue centre and I have enclosed links to some of the stories:

Fetcher Dog supporters are amazing, following and supporting our mission with their time, money and skills, here are some of this weeks stories:

- Dogs with Jumpers - 'Dogs with Jumpers' - Part One!! – Fetcher Dog

Some of the effective, unique and impactful ways that you can get involved:

- Legacy Gift - Legacy pledges are becoming ever more important to charities!! – Fetcher Dog

- Get fit and challenges yourself - Get fit, challenge yourself, raise awareness and funds for Fetcher Dog

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs,

- Lorelai starts her cancer treatment - Lorelai visits the vets and starts her treatment for cancer! – Fetcher Dog

- More dogs arrive at the rescue centre - Fetcher Dog have six dogs arriving from Bosnia this week after a succe 

And, If you ever thought you're support did not make a difference

- Before and After - If you are in any doubt that your support makes a positive difference – Fetcher Dog

Some notable mentions:

- All our volunteers

- All our supporters

- Especially all our dogs that prove, every day, to us that the effort is worth it!!

Thank You

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